main interface at the Baltic Sea.

The natural gas transfer station in Lubmin near Greifswald is the main interface between the Nord Stream offshore pipeline and the two connecting pipelines, NEL (Nordeuropäische Erdgas-Leitung) and OPAL (Ostsee-Pipeline-Anbindungs-Leitung - Baltic Sea Pipeline Link), which transport Russian natural gas on to European shippers.

The station consists of two plant sections: the "offshore section" for the incoming Baltic Sea pipeline and an "onshore section" for the two downstream natural gas pipelines, NEL and OPAL. The onshore section is subdivided into a "180 bar" and a "105 bar" plant section. The "180 bar" section is equipped with filters, pre-heaters and control valves. To prevent gas hydrates or ice from forming, the gas undergoes additional pre-heating after cleaning and before being fed into the downstream pipelines.

Mainly measuring and control systems have been set up in the "105 bar" section – separate measuring sections each use ultrasonic meters and density measurement to determine the current gas throughput for NEL and OPAL before the gas leaves the station via the transportation pipeline.