Our Products

Our shipper have the possibility to book different capacity rights for natural gas and biogas transport.

Interruptible Transports

If on occasion we are unable to offer fixed capacities, interruptible capacities may provide an alternative. We will of course notify you of the interruption as early as possible, generally no less than three hours before it starts. If you can live with this kind flexibility, you will benefit from more favorable terms.

Limited assignability

Capacities cannot always be freely allocated. For network-related reasons, we may on occasion be forced to limit this free allocatability. As a result, it may happen that a specific exit contract may only be used with fixed capacities if a precisely defined entry contract is used simultaneously and with energy equivalence. Such capacities are subject to transportation route restrictions. Dynamically allocable capacity may be used in addition to freely allocable capacity on an interruptible basis.

The dynamically allocable capacity for power plants is similar to the dynamically allocable capacity. Like dynamically allocable capacity, the product guarantees fixed transport within certain allocation limitations and provides access to the virtual trading point on an interruptible basis. In addition, the product possesses features that facilitate surrogate supplies via spot markets in the event that access to the virtual trading point is interrupted.