Feed-in of biogas

As from April 12, 2008, the feed-in of biogas into NEL has been made considerably easier with amendments to the German Gas Network Access Ordinance – GasNZV, the German Gas Network Charges Ordinance – GasNEV, and the German Incentive Regulation Ordinance – ARegV. Feeding in biogas provides the following benefits: 

  • NEL Gastransport GmbH pays 0.75 €ct/kWh for the biogas fed in.
  • The network operator to whose network the biogas plant is to be connected carries 75 % of the capital expenditure for the network connection.
  •  This network operator carries 100 % of the following costs: Any necessary odorization or LPG conditioning, measurement of the gas properties, including all facilities necessary to do so, and the cost of operating and maintaining the entire network connection.

Downloads for biogas plant operators