NEL: Full transport capacities as of 1 November

Kassel. The gap has been closed: As of 10 October natural gas will also start flowing through the last, approximately 35 km section of the North European Gas Pipeline (NEL) between Harmstorf and Bütlingen in the district of Harburg. The tendering process for around 215.3 million kWh of gas conducted by NEL Gastransport GmbH was successfully concluded last week.

NEL will commence complete commercial operation on November 1. The originally planned transport capacity of up to 20 billion cubic meters of gas per year will be available as a result.

Whereas Russian natural gas has been transported through large parts of NEL since October 2012 at partial capacities of around 20 percent, an official decision to change planning for the final section was issued. That necessitated rerouting of the pipeline in the Harburg district, a task that has now been completed.